Presenters: Stephen Davy and Yasmin Sellars CES Client Finance Managers

FREE COURSE!  🗓 Thursday 10  September 2020

Some of the topics covered:

• Staff and principals being paid board of trustee fees• Allowances paid to staff• Appropriate and inappropriate gifts/payments/reimbursements• Paying staff for additional services,e. g., caretakers doing building work• What is income in advance –and when is it allowed?• A reminder of the 10% borrowing limit and why it is relevant to all schools• And much much more …!

Date: Thursday, 10 September

Venue: CES, 89 Nazareth Avenue, Middleton, Christchurch

Time: 10.30am to 11.45am

Cost: FREE

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Ces-dos-and-donts-seminar-sept-2020   PDF, 114.6 KB

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