New tools and clever ideas exist to cut significant time off essential tasks in the office and make your week far easier. Knowing what they are how to utilise them is key.

1. Embrace technology that is here to help. It can be daunting to understand it all, but that is what support is here for. 

Whether it is using Outlook to remind you of tasks and schedule meetings, technology for efficiently sharing and collaborating on information such as Office 365 or Google docs and prioritising your workload with tools such as Microsoft To-Do, technology should cut down time spent on tasks and make your life easier, even if it takes time to get used to. 

2. Still sending newsletters as PDFs? This is time-consuming, difficult for parents to download and read and a very inefficient system for collaborating and pulling together a variety of information and voices. 

Look into easy options like Hail to drastically cut down on this time.

3. Plan a structure for your day, allowing specific time in each day for catching up on tasks that otherwise slip by and space for breaks. 

By establishing what your day looks like at the start of the day (or even better, week), you can be flexible within that timeframe as the nature of school offices is an ever-changing list of tasks. 

4. Keep a written record of what is working inefficiently and plan to resolve these issues with support from management. 

Is your website tricky to manage / daunting/ clunky to update? Is your method of contacting parents time-consuming? Are there tasks that you dread because you know how frustrating the process is? 

Sometimes brainstorming a better way and asking others how they manage these things can open up new options you didn’t know existed.

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