Ross Thomson from Joyworkz, one of our CES conference presenters, shared with us his top 5 tips to make your workstation as comfortable and productive as possible.

Taking the time to set up your workspace well makes an extraordinary difference to your body. This directly affects work productivity and mental wellbeing, so taking a few minutes to make sure you have set yours up effectively is a really good idea.

5 Tips to Ergonomic Success

1. Learn how to use all of the levers and settings on your office-chair to provide the best-seated comfort for your body.

It makes a big difference when the chair is correctly set up.

2. The chair height is correctly set when the base of your elbow (i.e.the lowest part of your elbow) is level with the desk-top when your hands are placed on your keyboard.

3. If you change your prescription glasses to progressive lens glasses, then you will need to lower your monitor screen in order to prevent potential neck discomfort.

3. Resist the temptation to lean forwards when viewing information on your monitor screen. 

It is always better to have your back in full contact with the chair’s back support while working at your computer.

5. Our bodies are designed to regularly move so make sure that you get up each hour and have a short break away from your workstation. 

If you need more inspiration and further ideas then check out our website page: “Do it Yourself Workstation set up” 

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