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Our canopy has spread, but our roots remain firmly where they’ve always been.

CES has developed over 25 years since its inception and is recognised as an industry leader offering quality services in the education trust and not for profit sector across NZ. Our ‘mission’ today remains the same i.e. to provide comprehensive and cost- efficient services to member schools and to the wider education and not for profit sectors.

CES was formed in 1989 by 33 state secondary schools in Canterbury to succeed the former Christchurch Secondary Schools Council, following its abolition by the 1989 Education Act. Our structure is unique amongst financial services providers in that as an incorporated society and a cooperative all profits are returned to education.

The cooperatives resolve and philosophy of supporting schools, trusts and not for profit organisations has underpinned our development into leadership in the education trust and not for profit services sector, today providing services to over 180 schools and trusts and supplying products to in excess of 700.

CES established an Auckland office in 2007 and the cooperative’s reach into the North Island has flourished.

CES as a cooperative has developed into a competitive commercially-orientated organisation with an eye to customer service and satisfaction. To cement its industry forefront position, CES has invested substantially in software and staff development.

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