Modern Learning Furniture

CES has an exciting range of furniture and equipment that reflects a new way of learning.


It's attractive, flexible and your students and teachers will love working with it.

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Furniture for 21st Century Schools - Prepared by L3SP Research August 2012    btn more

Creating a modern learning environment requires you to understand the different learning styles of students
– so no more rows of desks, no more uncomfortable chairs.

What’s required is different learning spaces for students who learn in different ways, like:

  • CREATIVE – ideally there’s low spaces, seat for individuals, but close to others – these students like to operate where they can see others and what they are doing.
  • LOGICAL – these students look for a space that suits the activity – group work means a big table to congregate around or a conference style space, whereas for project or study, they want to be alone, so maybe a booth.
  • INTERPERSONAL – for this learning style – as much interaction is as possible, so sitting facing each other in groups is the requirement for best results.
  • CONTROLLED  – these are the organised, structured learning students – space of their own is important, they’re in control and it keeps them from being distracted.
We can also create made to measure furniture to suit your individual school and learning space.

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Furniture for 21st Century Schools    Prepared by L3SP Research August 2012


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