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Up-skilling the people that drive success in your school is a pre-requisite to success.

Every day we are faced with new ideas and challenges.

It seems only right in the 21st century, all staff in whatever environment, have the opportunity to undertake professional development training at some point during the year.  Everyone benefits and Principals are enlightened enough to see the rewards for this day of collegiality and professional development.  Our conferences and workshops are designed to expand your work experience and help you face new experiences with commitment and energy.  The idea is that sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. Returning from conferences with new ideas and approaches will make you effective and efficient at work, improve your skillset and see some of the bigger picture issues within the Education environment.

CES manages specialised seminars for schools throughout New Zealand including office administration conferences and school property managers’ conferences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. We also run specialist seminars on a variety of topics for School Administrators and School Property Managers.


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Upcoming Conferences

  • School Administrator’s Conference – Lower North Island – Thursday 28th October