Jari Stool

it is impossible to actually sit on a Jari Activstool, no lying back, no slouching and definitely no
sitting still. With a rotating convex base Jari forms one leg of a stable tripod, your own legs provide
the other two parts. That means you are constantly flexing, adjusting and moving; the ideal way
to stay focussed and concentrate.
But the coolest thing about Jari Activstool is that it is gas height adjustable.
That means it fits a huge range of students and just about any application:
• Classrooms
• Libraries
• Study groups
• Open spaces
• Collaborative learning
• Behind a desk or on its own
• Sizes: 305 x 400 – 500 (WxH)
• Colours: Blue, Red, Yellow, White
No longer do you need various sizes of stools to suit the range of your student population, Jari
Activstool adjusts to suit almost everyone in a senior school environment, right up to adult size.

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