CES has a unique view on a schools financial performance compared to other schools.

Yasmin Sellars (Client Financial Manager at CES) provides insights on the School Benchmarking Service that CES provides to its clients.

This provides a valuable insight into the spending and financial position of each school, allowing for comparison and averages to be calculated. 

This is available to CES clients and as Yasmin explains it can provide you with an clear indication on how your finances are being spent and where you can make adjustments.  

We’ll benchmark your school against the national average, and against schools with a similar decile rating. We’ll then be able to give you answers to specific financial and spending questions you may have.

We don’t reveal your school’s identity – our benchmarking data is anonymised. 

This service is free to our school clients. If you want to know more about the benchmarking, or you’re interested in the comparatives contact Yasmin Sellars on 

?03 338 4444 or at  ?yasmin@cessl.org.nz

By Yasmin Sellars

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