Business leaders and consultants have always advised outsourcing business critical, but non-core functions of your operation to free up your time and give you security and peace of mind.

Payroll can make a huge difference to the effective running of your business if it is not carried out properly.

On top of causing internal tension, managing your own payroll takes valuable time and energy away from core activities that are a far better use of time. Outsourcing your Payroll means you don’t have to be an expert in something that is not critical to your core business.

So is it worth the effort to transition to an external provider and hand over the reins to a Payroll specialist?

💡Let the experts make sure you are 100% compliant and up to date with ongoing law changes.

Payroll can be a complex task that is best handled by an expert. External payroll services make sure your employees are paid on time with your legal requirements taken care of.

💡Your time is best spent on your core business functions

Freeing up the time spent on Payroll means you can focus on activities that grow your business, or, in many cases, free up your evenings! Using resources wisely means outsourcing the parts that are best handled by experts, so your own business benefits from your personal expertise.

💡Limit your risk

Payroll requires confidential and highly complex information to be accessed and shared and can require an enormous level of trust amongst employees. No matter the size of your business, it is critical to ensure that your businesses finances are secure.

💡Reduce costs.

Human hours spent on payroll internally can cost businesses huge amounts of money – more than it might cost you to outsource Payroll altogether. It is worth investigating the hours it currently takes across your team to complete Payroll and compare the costs.

To discuss how CES could help provide learning opportunities, technical support, resources and PD, please contact Carolyn Bentley, NZPPA Certified Payroll Specialist.

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