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Since its establishment as a not-for-profit co-operative 25 years ago, CES has been providing quality goods and services to the education sector throughout New Zealand. With our range of innovative services, popular seminars and conferences, newly expanded Auckland office and the use of new technologies, clients are assured of receiving outstanding customer care. As always we look forward to continuing our long-standing relationships with our education clients and welcome all those who are interested in exploring the unique services our organisation offers.


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February 13, 2019

Metrotest Electrical Competency Training

Enrol now for the Metrotest Electrical Competency Training! 2 locations: Wellington and Dunedin You can download the registration form or register online. -> Download enrolment Form -> Enrol Online
January 17, 2019


Change the way you hold your Board Elections in 2019 with our online portal Read more
November 5, 2018

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